Property turnoffs that dampen buyers’ desires

A survey by financial comparison website has revealed the top property buyer turnoffs sellers can address to maximise price.

Mozo’s report shows mould and dark rooms are among the main reasons why buyers might try elsewhere.

According to Mozo property expert, Steve Jovcevski, while the survey reveals a lack of parking topped the list of turnoffs, many other major deterrents could be addressed.

“Home sellers can make a number of easy fixes to impress potential buyers, such as removing mould, which is the second biggest deterrent, and installing skylights or clever lighting with over a third of potential buyers saying dark rooms are a turnoff,” he says.

“Sellers might think they need to invest tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade the kitchen or bathroom, but our research shows that damp and poor natural light are a bigger turnoff than outdated kitchens and bathrooms, which are a turnoff for just three in 20 potential buyers.

“This isn’t too surprising given a lot of buyers like to add their own style to a space, so an unrenovated kitchen or bathroom could be a drawcard for them,” Jovcevski adds.

Small rooms round out the top five turnoffs for prospective buyers, but according to Jovcevski a few tricks like painting the walls white, removing bulky furniture and decluttering can make a small room look bigger.

“Lack of storage also made the top 10 turnoffs with 14 per cent of would-be buyers saying they’d walk away if a property lacked storage, so it could be worth installing shelving or under-stair storage,” says Jovcevski.

“Our results show how important it is to consider your market before putting a property up for sale, and only make the changes that will drive up value for those most likely to be interested in your home,” says Jovcevski.

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