Landlords urged to offer taster to potential tenants


As covered in the September issue of API magazine, Airbnb is the next big thing to hit property investing, and now the short-stay accommodation site has teamed up with to encourage landlords to offer renters the chance to “try before they buy” and test-drive a new neighbourhood before signing the rental lease.

Schools, cafes, shops, sporting facilities, public transport, entertainment and the arts, will all go under the microscope, as renters “check in” to new suburbs in the search for their next home.

Under the agreement, more than 7 million renters can now book apartments, houses, private and shared rooms and unique accommodation options via a click-through from the website.

“We love the idea of people ‘test-driving’ their new community,” CEO Greg Bader says.

“We can all look at the photos and descriptions on our website, and that gives us a good idea of the property we’re moving into, but it doesn’t really paint the full picture of a new community.

“Whether for a weekend or a week, holiday or work, move in and get a feel if a place is right for you.

“Explore, experiment, suss out the clubs and pubs, check the commute to work, time the school run, or just chill at a local cafe.”

Airbnb, Bader adds, is a great way for people to get a real taste of their new location and offers “instant community connection”.

“Entering into a new lease is a big deal in terms of commitment, so why not take the time to really make sure an area is for you,” he asks.

“One of Airbnb’s key strengths is the fact that the majority of its short-stay accommodation options aren’t in the same areas as hotels, but in the same suburbs or buildings where renters are searching.”

With affordability issues around our capital cities, renting is something more and more people are signing up for, and the rise of the “rentvestor” has seen many investors opt to buy where they can afford and rent where they want to enjoy the lifestyle.

It’s only logical, Bader says, that they “try before they buy” and ask themselves, “can I really see myself living here?” before signing a lease.

“We also see benefits for private landlords in securing long-term tenants or extra income,” Bader says.

“Rental cycles vary for different landlords, so if there’s a student focus, for example, there’s real probability of vacancies over the Christmas period… why not list on Airbnb to cover those periods?

“Obviously, people can go directly to the Airbnb site at any time, but we’re just simplifying the process with direct access from our site.

“It’s a game-changing approach to renting and helps to give renters the best possible choice and range of services imaginable.” data shows that 50 per cent of all renters look to spend around $300 per week on a rental (or a minimum of $15,000 per year).

With a one-night stay via Airbnb available from less than $100 per night, this partnership could see tenants making more informed decisions when choosing their next rental home.

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