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Do-it-yourself real estate expert Daniel Baxter, cofounder of Your Hot Property, is a strong advocate of people selling their own home and believes in using the power of social media to do it.

With up to 86 per cent of buyers searching online for their next property, social media is increasingly becoming integrated into a home owner’s selling strategy, but if agents aren’t using it effectively, Baxter asks, why not take over and do it yourself?

“These days, when selling a property, a social media strategy is no longer seen as a luxury, it’s a necessity.

“It’s a hard point to argue against, especially when Facebook’s data scientists estimate people check the platform about 14 times a day.”

Baxter has seven tips for using Facebook to sell your property:

1. Create a Facebook Property Page.

2. Share images and information about your property.

3. Get friends and family to like and share your page.

4. Work out who you think will purchase your property and what they would be interested in. Understand your buyer.

5. Post interesting images and information about your property, answer questions and engage with people who are commenting on, liking and sharing your posts.

6. Share information about the local area, upcoming events and what’s so great about living there.

7. Find your ideal buyers using advertising. Show your property to the people that are likely to buy it with highly targeted Facebook advertising, eg. a young family or an older couple looking to downsize.


Before your property hits your newly formed social media page, it has to be in top form.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home or investment property before this weekend’s open home, director and principal stylist of Vault Interiors Justine Stedman says styling for less than $50 can be as simple as adding five quick and easy items.
“There are several different aspects to consider when styling, with affordability being a high priority for many, as well as the return on investment,” she says.

“It’s 100 per cent possible to achieve rewarding results, even on a small budget.”

Her top five styling tips for under $50?


This can have a huge impact yet is easy on the wallet. Consider framing your favourite photos by creating a gallery wall for your hallway or above a console table. Varying sizes keeps it interesting, while a mix of black and white photos can also look very graphic.

2. Floor and table lamps

A great way to create ambience and change the feeling of your room. Justine loves gold numbers, although all metallics are on trend – plus an easy way to add instant glamour.

3. Plants

Add a bit of life to your home or investment property using nature. Plants instantly brighten up a room. Justine recommends small pots placed on dining or coffee tables. Try succulents, as they’re very low maintenance, and a tall palm or fern works well on the floor next to an entertainment unit.

4Cushions and throws

Every stylist’s go-to trick! Changing up scatter cushions or throws will alter the effect in an instant. Justine recommends bright citrus poppy tones in summer and deeper tones for winter.

5. Rugs

Floor coverings can anchor a space and create defined zones, effective for adding texture or to uplift a space.

For basement bargains on any of these items, don’t be afraid to check out local thrift shops, where you can find vintage frames, unique furniture pieces and other surprises.

You’ll be surprised, too, at what you can find on roadsides in the lead up to roadside collection days, another goldmine for many renovators keeping to a budget.

Of course, online shopping is also huge these days, with sites such as Gumtree offering potential bargains on pretty much any household item you might think of or need.

When selling, you want to get the best price for your property, so the bottom line is it’s all about keeping dollars in your pocket and not someone else’s.

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