Aussies now face $1m price tag for homes

Aussies now face $1m price tag for homes

Posted on Monday, January 12 2015 at 12:38 PM

The Australian dream of homeownership carries a
$1 million price tag for many, following new research by comparison website

The research found that Australians with a mortgage of at
least $489,300 will spend   $1 million over the life of a 30-year loan (using the
average variable interest rate of about 5.5 per cent).

If this mortgage size is 80 per cent of the property’s value,
any property priced from $611,625 will end up costing borrowers $1 million.

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert at, says many
borrowers are being stung by this slow-burning hole in their hip pocket.

“When borrowers look at how much they can afford to repay for
a home loan, they might not look down the track to how much they end up
spending. The danger lies with spending a lot more than necessary.”

“While it’s likely that your home will increase in value over
a 30-year loan term, it might not compensate the cost of a home loan as the
money you end up spending can be greatly increased if you have a small deposit
and don’t shop around for a good value deal,” she says.

Sydney tops the list for the most expensive median house
price of $825,000 according to figures by CoreLogic RP Data. For this price
tag, borrowers will hit the $1 million mark by year 11, based on the average
variable rate of about 5.5 per cent with a 20 per cent deposit, which would
mean a loan size of $660,000.

For the
median-priced house in Melbourne of $633,000, a mortgage of $506,400 (with a 20
per cent deposit) would cost borrowers $1.035 million over 30 years – hitting
the $1 million mark by year 24.

research was based on the average variable rate of about 5.5 per cent but
borrowers need to remember that there’s a big difference between what lenders
are offering, which can mean bigger costs for a home if you’re not careful,”
Hutchison says.

advantage of the online tools and comparisons of different home loans to help
you find the best value deals.”

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Total cost to buy a median-priced house
with a 20% deposit

Source: ranked by highest median house prices, price
figures from CoreLogic RP Data, calculations and analysis by, based on average variable home loan
interest rate of 5.5%, 30-year loan term and 20% deposit

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