Concerns over rise of safety responsibilities for property managers

Concerns over rise of safety responsibilities for property managers

Posted on Tuesday, October 14 2014 at 3:39 PM

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) has recognised that there are mounting concerns with the increase in safety responsibility outside the core function of property management, with CEO Tim McKibbin commenting on the escalation of legal obligations associated with property managers over recent years.

“Property managers are now expected to have competencies and express an
opinion as to the integrity and respective safety of a broad range of building
and safety issues including glass, asbestos, window safety locks, smoke alarms,
decks and balconies as well as swimming pools, and this is not an exhaustive
list,” he says.

“This extension of duties and responsibilities is a growing concern for
the Institute.”

Property inspection company PropertySafe’s managing director Phil Oakes
agrees, adding that the levels of injuries and, sadly, deaths in residential
homes, whether they are owner-occupied or tenanted, are simply too high.

“We’re proud to have entered into a strategic relationship with REINSW
to address these issues,” he says.

“With the proper education involving the key stakeholders, we believe
that the growing trend can be reversed. This can be achieved by identifying any
safety hazards in the property and ensuring that ongoing maintenance is well

“The statistics on injuries, deaths and claims are alarming, especially
when the vast majority are avoidable with very little cost for the landlord.

“The family home is supposed to be a safe environment. If an accident
occurs the impact is devastating for all those involved.

“For rental properties this also has a big impact on the landlord and
property manager, potentially both emotionally and financially.

“With the assistance of REINSW, we’ll be running workshops to show real
estate professionals how they can regain control.”

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