Interstate migration slows

Interstate migration slows

Posted on Monday, August 04 2014 at 7:42 AM

An analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) demographic data reveals migration between Australia’s states and territories has slowed since the onset of the GFC.

main regions for overseas migrants arriving to settle in Australia appears to
be New South Wales and Victoria. While ABS data shows the number of overseas
migrants arriving in the country’s mining states is in fact slowing.  Queensland and Western Australia
have each seen a fall in both net interstate and net overseas migration over
the year.

The analysis, which was carried out by RP Data research
analyst Cameron Kusher, shows a flow on from the
slowdown in mining construction activity, where activities on these projects
moves from construction to production, which is resulting in lower worker

Victoria is now attracting a record number of
net interstate migrants, with 7528 new residents moving from other states last
year. Victoria also attracts an impressive 62,337 net overseas migrants.

NSW is experiencing a net outflow, with 11,219
residents leaving the state in 2013. Despite the state’s outflow, NSW attracted
71,446 net overseas migrants over the year.

In Queensland, the net inflow of residents from
other states and territories is near a record low. During 2013, Queensland’s
net interstate migration was recorded at 6897 persons compared to a 20-year
average of 22,743 per annum. Although Queensland attracted 37,355 net overseas
migrants, it’s a plunge from the 46,161 at the same time in 2012.

residents have migrated from NSW and Victoria to Queensland and WA. However
Kusher explains that since the onset of the GFC, the outflow of citizens to the
mining states of Queensland and WA has slowed with fewer people leaving NSW and

“The sea change phenomenon was a big driver of
this migration before the financial crisis,” he says.

“It now seems that when someone has secure
employment, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria, they’re less inclined
to trade that in and move interstate.

“With unemployment rising nationally and demand
for workers in the resources sector slowing we’d expect this trend to continue
over the coming year. In fact the net loss of residents from New South Wales
may reduce further and the net gain of residents in Victoria may increase.”

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