Agents confirm what few men will acknowledge

Agents confirm what few men will acknowledge

Posted on Tuesday, March 11 2014 at 1:33 PM

A Which Real Estate Agent survey of 155 real estate agents has revealed what few men will acknowledge… that women call the shots on life’s big decisions! That includes property decisions, such as what homeowners will spend and how high prices will go.

“Eight times as many agents witness women as the dominant decision maker
when selling real estate over their male counterparts,” managing director
Thomas Roberts says.

“This one finding was fairly consistent across the country.”

The survey also found that leading agents around the country are feeling
confidence return.

“In New South Wales, 47 per cent of agents surveyed said their local
market was booming, followed by 24 per cent in Western Australia and 17 per
cent in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory,” Roberts says.

“In states where growth hasn’t been as strong, such as Queensland, ACT
and Tasmania, agents expect growth to pick up slightly during 2014.

“The theme from this survey appears to be that agents on the whole
forecast continued strong growth for the Australian property market in 2014,
with 84 per cent of agents forecasting growth rates above five per cent.”

However, agents expect growth to moderate in NSW, Victoria and WA
throughout 2014. 

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