Tenancy complaints rise

Tenancy complaints rise

Posted on Friday, February 07 2014 at 1:35 PM

A rise in the number of tenancy complaints to Fair Trading New South Wales has sparked a call from the government for renters to educate themselves on their rights and responsibilities.

Minister for Fair Trading Stuart Ayres says he’s disappointed at the
increase in complaints and believes improved knowledge of the laws governing
tenancy agreements would assist in reducing the number.

“Conflict and confusion at the beginning or end of a tenancy can usually
be avoided when tenants, landlords and property managing agents all have a
thorough knowledge of each party’s rights and responsibilities,” Ayres says.

Fair Trading received 862 complaints in relation to tenancy issues in
2013, compared to 772 in 2012.

The most common complaint related to disputes over repairs and
maintenance (121 complaints) followed by bond refunds (115 complaints).

The non-lodgement of rental bonds received 104 complaints,
dissatisfactory service by property managers 49 complaints and unspecified
unsatisfactory conduct on the part of any party 38 complaints.

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