‘Party hard’ warning for unit-dwellers

‘Party hard’ warning for unit-dwellers

Posted on Wednesday, January 22 2014 at 10:48 AM

Unit block residents must understand their body corporate’s by-laws or face the consequences when it comes to noise and behaviour, according to one body corporate manager.

Archers Body Corporate Management says it decided
to issue the warning after receiving multiple complaints over the Christmas

“Following a spate of complaints over the ‘silly
season’, bodies corporate are cracking down on tenants breaking by-laws and
being disrespectful to neighbours during the Australia Day long weekend,”
according to Archers director Andrew Staehr.

Residents can avoid problems by using common
sense and ensuring guests behave appropriately, he says.

“Your body corporate may allow you to hold
parties on certain areas of common property but you must ensure that it is
booked and is large enough for the number of guests invited.”

Staehr says residents should have contingencies
covered when hosting an event, so a good time doesn’t end badly.

“Emergency actions aren’t something people
generally think about when planning a party but it’s crucial to be prepared in
case something does go wrong. 

“Remember to double check the smoke detectors in
your building and ensure any guests are aware of exits and evacuation plans in
for the complex. 

“Ensure guests do not lean over or against
balustrades and no rubbish is thrown over the balcony.”

Staehr offers some tips for those looking to
throw an Australia Day bash at their unit:

  • Communicate with your body corporate
    and be aware of the common by-laws and house rules in regards to the number of
    people permitted in various common areas and what time noise must be reduced.
  • Utilise a booking system for common
    facilities such as BBQs to avoid overcrowding and arguments.
  • Ensure all rules are enforced
    for facilities with closing times or other restrictions, like the pool.
  • Be aware of the body corporate procedures to report a
    complaint if a party does get out of hand.
  • Communicate with your neighbours and let them know party details
    so they are aware of what is going on.
  • Communicate with guests and ensure they know the rules of your complex, including where to
    park, noise restrictions and common property restrictions.
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