Two major mine projects approved

Two major mine projects approved

Posted on Monday, December 23 2013 at 4:49 PM

The Federal Government has granted approval to a new major coalmine owned by mining billionaire Clive Palmer.

The China
First mine operation, located in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, will have the
capacity to produce up to 40 million tonnes of coal each year.

Palmer’s company will have to comply with 49 special conditions, environmental
groups claim it doesn’t go far enough to limit the impact on the Bimblebox
protected area.

environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters claims the mammoth mine will
worsen climate change, harm the Great Barrier Reef and encroach on the habitats
of native wildlife.

“The condition attached to offset Bimblebox with another area is
ridiculous – you can’t offset the loss of the last remaining significant
woodland in the Galilee Basin,” she says.

The government also last week approved Arrow Energy’s the Surat Gas
Expansion project, which includes 6500 new coal seam gas wells, to the west of

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