Landlords urged to prioritise repairs

Landlords urged to prioritise repairs

Posted on Friday, November 15 2013 at 11:00 AM

Landlords and real estate agents have been warned to ensure regular maintenance of their properties after a Melbourne man was awarded $300,000 for injuries sustained after a balcony collapse.

Three people were injured at the rental property when the balustrade of
a balcony collapsed causing them to fall approximately five metres.

Trang Tran, senior associate with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, says the
balcony wasn’t property maintained or routinely inspected.

Tran represented the injured man who successfully sued his landlord.

“Our client sustained severe injuries to his arm and shoulder that
have resulted in multiple hospitalisations and surgery, including a total
shoulder replacement,” Tran says.

“He remains in constant pain and discomfort. This case highlights the
need to ensure premises are properly and adequately inspected and kept in good
repair to avoid serious injuries and even death to tenants and visitors.”

It was revealed that repair work done prior to the man’s tenancy wasn’t
adequately performed.

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