Smoke alarm laws on the way in Tasmania

Smoke alarm laws on the way in Tasmania

Posted on Friday, April 26 2013 at 10:02 AM

Landlords in the Apple Isle will soon be required by law to install and maintain smoke alarms in rental properties.

Nick McKim is Tasmania’s Minister for
Consumer Protection and announced the legislation amendment this week, which
comes into effect from May 1.

For the next three years, rental property
owners can use either battery powered or mains powered alarms.

However from 2016 onwards the alarms will
need to be either mains powered or 10-year non-removable alarms, McKim says.

“About 80 per cent of fatal house fires
occur in homes without working smoke alarms. They significantly reduce the risk
of death, serious injury, property damage and financial loss caused by house

Transitional arrangements will reduce the
immediate cost to property owners and allows three years to budget for mains
powered or non-removable devices, he says.

“Until now, tenants have been required to see
the approval of the property owner to install smoke alarms, however the
amendments shift the responsibility from tenants to owners and makes the
installation of alarms mandatory.”

information about the law change is available at

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