Useless, unusual blocks given second chance

Useless, unusual blocks given second chance

Posted on Tuesday, March 26 2013 at 11:43 AM

Landowners with seemingly useless blocks that are small, irregularly shaped or unable to be connected to services, making them impossible to develop, have been given a second change by the New South Wales Government.

Planning and Infrastructure Minister Brad
Hazzard says thousands of owners of what are colloquially dubbed ‘paper
subdivisions’ could soon be able to sell up or finally build on their blocks.

There are an estimated 10,000 such lots
across the state, many of them on Sydney’s outskirts and in regional pockets.
Most are the result of subdivisions over the years and some date back to the

They typically range in size from 200
square metres to 1000 squares and are often irregular in shape.

“When the properties were originally
subdivided, no land was allocated for roads, footpaths or services such as
power and drainage,” Buzzard says. “Many (of these blocks) could provide
housing to cater for our growing population.”

The government will establish a process to
enable landowners to do something with the sites, by having a relevant
subdivision authority propose a plan based on modern, redrawn boundaries.

“If this was agreed to by at least 60 per
cent of landowners and the owners of 60 per cent of the land area, the new
(and) more workable subdivision plan would be adopted, enabling landowners to
take the next step toward building a home or selling their property.”

Feedback received from owners, councils and
local communities last year during a consultation process helped shape the
process, he says.

The first site likely to benefit is
Riverstone in Sydney’s northwest.

“(Sudivision authority) UrbanGrowth is
working with Riverstone landowners to unlock lots about nine metres wide by 61
metres long, with potential for some 1600 low-density residential lots.”

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