Australian investors on a high

Australian investors on a high

Posted on Wednesday, March 13 2013 at 3:33 PM

Are you feeling optimistic about the property market this year? If so, you’re not alone, with Australians’ optimism about the future of the economy hitting levels not seen since 2011.

Allianz Australia and Newspoll joined forces to conduct a survey about
attitudes and optimism and it seems big things are in store for 2013. The
largest rises in optimism have occurred in the states where the property
markets are the strongest at the moment, New South Wales and Western Australia.
Interestingly, South Australia also recorded a sharp turnaround and is back in
line with Victoria and Queensland.

“Australians have begun 2013 in a much more optimistic frame of mind
when it comes to their outlook on the economy,” Allianz Australia managing
director Niran Peiris says.

“After falling to a near record low at the end of 2012, optimism about
the future of the economy has rebounded strongly to levels not seen for over 12

“The rise in optimism about the future of the economy was particularly
apparent among those aged 35 and older, in particular, optimism among senior
Australians has rocketed to see them become the most optimistic of all
Australians. Optimism among women has also reached levels not seen in more than
a year.”

Western Australia is now the most optimistic state, with an index of 23,
followed by New South Wales (15), Victoria (11), Queensland (8) and South
Australia (7). 

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