Adelaide tops most liveable city list

Adelaide tops most liveable city list

Posted on Tuesday, March 05 2013 at 8:35 AM

South Australia’s capital has, once again, ranked number one for liveability in the My City: The People’s Verdict report.

The report, prepared by the Property Council of Australia, surveyed 5842 residents across the nation and looked at 17 attributes that define good cities including design, function, services and culture.

The survey encompassed all
capital cities as well as Newcastle, Geelong and Wollongong.

This year’s runner up was
Canberra while the wooden spoon went to Darwin.

Sydney came second last in
the ranking, which is a signal the city’s residents want to see action, according
to the Property Council’s New South Wales executive director Glenn Byres.

“A substantial reform agenda
to deliver big-scale infrastructure projects, unclog the planning system and
lift housing supply is under way.

“But the survey results make
it clear – delivery matters and Sydneysiders will embrace changes that give
them smart growth and a more liveable city.”

The report also shows more
is expected of federal politicians when it comes to investing in infrastructure
and encouraging other levels of government to do a better job of planning

“In this federal election
year, the onus is on the political parties and local candidates to respond to
the survey with detailed policies to address the growing problems in our

“Australians have given
their verdict – they want more liveable cities and they know that the
performance of our cities is critical for our future economic prosperity.”

A copy of the ranking is
available via the Property Council’s website at

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