Victoria on the attack over land tax, stamp duty

Victoria on the attack over land tax, stamp duty

Posted on Tuesday, December 18 2012 at 2:52 PM

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has copped a lashing over his calls on state governments to abolish stamp duty.

A war of words erupted following a meeting
of state treasurers hosted by Swan in Canberra yesterday.

Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells issued a
scathing statement claiming it’d been suggested by Swan that an increase to
land tax could cover the stamp duty shortfall.

Wells described the plan as “bizarre” and
claims it would triple land tax and put the burden squarely on homeowners.

“The Victorian Government is willing to
engage in a debate about tax reform but I’m disappointed the Commonwealth isn’t
interested in a genuinely national effort.”

Earlier in the day before the meeting, Swan
told reporters any changes to stamp duty were entirely up to state governments.

“They’ve agreed to go through a process
themselves of looking at future tax reform at a state level and that’s entirely
a matter for them.”

He claimed the states were lobbying for a
GST rate increase, a suggestion he described as a “lazy” version of tax reform.

Wells described that claim as misleading.

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