NSW property owners given back choice on heating systems

NSW property owners given back choice on heating systems

Posted on Thursday, November 29 2012 at 4:28 PM

New South Wales investors and homeowners will no longer be forced to ditch their electric hot water systems, according to the NSW Energy Minister Chris Hartcher.

The Minister announced today
that the previous government’s policy to begin phasing out electric hot water
systems from December 2010 was canned, and that property owners would no longer
need to replace existing hot water units with new systems.

“Consumer choice should dictate
water heating options and the price of the fuel, whether gas or electricity
should guide that choice, not the government,” Hartcher says.

The NSW Government states that
two-thirds of the state’s households don’t have the option of gas hot water
from a reticulated system and only seven per cent have solar heating, meaning
these householders were forced under the previous government’s policy to invest
around $4000 on alternatives including heat pumps or solar heating.

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