Calls for easements to be compulsory in Queensland

Calls for easements to be compulsory in Queensland

Posted on Friday, August 10 2012 at 4:11 PM

Queensland-based property advisory group THG is lobbying the State Government to introduce statutory easements on smaller lots.

It’s also calling
for the reduction of red tape around the titling of small lot sizes.

Director Peter
Sippel says the changes would allow for more affordable housing.

“The building
sector is developing a range of innovative housing products in response to the
need for increased affordability in housing and THG is leading the way,” Sippel

“(We) recently
negotiated a record freehold lot size of 74 square metres with Moretan Bay
Regional Council as part of a pilot housing project in Warner Lakes. “As we see
an increase in these types of housing innovations, it follows that the titling
system needs to be capable of responding to protect property rights in ways
that don’t add unwarranted additional cost.

“While community
title legislation accounts for the public protection of adjoining property
owner rights, there’s no such convention for freehold titles.

“This means small
lot owners with freehold titles who have the requirement to build on the
boundary line are faced with creating a myriad of easements to cover the rights
to support, shelter, drainage, access and so on.

Complicated and
exhaustive easement arrangements not only add cost to the initial purchase
price of the product, but also significant conveyance costs to future
purchasers, he says.

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