ClimateSmart Home Service scrapped

ClimateSmart Home Service scrapped

Posted on Friday, April 27 2012 at 10:37 AM

The Queensland ClimateSmart Home Service has been scrapped by the State Government, seven months before it was due to finish.

Environment and
Heritage Protection Minister Andrew Powell says the service has stopped taking
bookings as part of the LNP’s commitment to save Queensland taxpayers millions
of dollars.

“By closing the
program seven months early, we’ll save taxpayers up to $5 million. This is all
part of the government’s plan to get this state back on track,” Powell says.

More than 335,000
households across Queensland have already received the service since it began
in January 2009, which equates to about one in five Queensland homes.

In exchange for
$50, households received a power assessment by a licensed electrician, up to
five power saving light globes, four stand-by eliminators, a hot water system
temperature adjustment, a water and power saving showerhead and a customised
power savings plan.

The program is
said to have helped each household save up to 20.4 tonnes of greenhouse gain
emissions over the life of the products.

Homes also
received a wireless power monitor, which identified where power was being

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