How to find the right home loan

Are you looking for a better home loan, or one that will at least help you with repayments? There are plenty of exciting options right now and just as it’s a buyers’ market in many parts of the country, investors can also take advantage of some current deals available.

One of the Big Four banks has
guaranteed to beat any advertised interest rate from its three major

However, Jane Slack-Smith of
Your Property Success warns investors should always read the terms and
conditions before signing any new deal.

“They say they’ll beat any
advertised rate but many of my clients have actually been able to negotiate
better than what’s advertised at the moment,” she says.

Kristy Sheppard of Mortgage
Choice says smaller banks shouldn’t be forgotten either.

“Often they’re fighting even
harder for market share and sometimes they’re more likely to offer affordable
deals or better specials within their deals,” she says.

“If you already have a home
loan and you’re looking to switch, there are a range of switching options,
where you can have up to $1000 paid by the lender you’re looking to switch to.”

So how do you make sure
you’re getting the best possible deal? Mortgage Choice suggests the following
top tips, which could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

  • Approach lenders
    with the feeling that there are plenty of lenders and loan products out there.
    If one lender isn’t going to give you the discount you want, simply move on.
  • Meet the lending
    manager and negotiate with them face to face. Ask how they can match other
    deals. If they can’t, move on.
  • Do your research
    and know what different rates are available with different banks.
  • Check the fees
    and features of loans, as well as rates.
  • Be aware of
    upfront fees, annual package fees and redraw fees.
  • Create a
    spreadsheet or checklist, allowing you to compare different loans available.

Sheppard advises to always
approach a lender with your head held high.

“Because the housing market
is so subdued and housing finance commitments are at a 30-year low, lenders are
really jostling to retain loans,” she says.

“It’s a terrific market to
be in, if you’re looking for a new home loan.”

Slack-Smith agrees but warns
even though some rates are very attractive right now, investors shouldn’t rush
in to fix their rates. She says some markets are factoring in a 1.25 per cent
rate reduction.

“All the fixed rates now may
not be cheap in 12 months’ time,” she says.

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