Buyers and renters demand a shed

Rental properties in mining-related areas like Mackay are renting and selling faster if they come with a shed, according to David Bugeja of Diamond Real Estate Services.

As the mining boom kicks off around the nation, investors buying rental properties in regional towns and cities that miners are increasingly calling home should consider adding a double-bay shed to the backyard for additional rent and a firmer and often higher sales price, said Bugeja.

Mackay, Gladstone and Bowen are some of the regional cities where miners are increasingly resting their heads and setting up a life in between their demanding shift work.

These cities are seaside so it’s natural that boating and other water toys play a big part in their lifestyle, said Bugeja.

He said Mackay is increasingly becoming “the nation’s capital of four-wheel-drives and V8s” so the demand for space to store the cars and the boat is high.

Bugeja said from his own experience, of the investment properties he’d sold over recent years, the ones to sell fastest were the properties with sheds.

Not only can he rent and sell these properties faster, but they also fetch a higher price.

Bugeja says he can typically ask for an extra $20 per week in rent and an extra $20,000 in the sales price for a capital outlay of $12,000 for the shed completely installed.

John Tooma of The Shed Company, Mackay, said the process to add on the shed is easy.

A 10A approval is required via a private certifier or council, said Tooma.

He said the typical double-bay shed takes up 36 square metres in the backyard so investors should contact their local council or private certifier to obtain approval requirements first.

In the Mackay council area the shed must take up no more than 10 per cent of the block so it’s quite easy to pass this requirement, he said.

Tooma said for between $10,000 and $12,000 a fully erected shed can be placed on site with the approval certificate, earthworks and concrete done.

He said the biggest tip for investors prior to undertaking this strategy is to first check where the easements and sewerage are positioned on the block because the shed can’t be installed above either.


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