The Key to Investing in Brisbane Properties

The assumption is generally made that because the neighbouring cities of Melbourne and Sydney are going through a slump in the real estate market and all over business growth that the same would be true of Brisbane. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. From the late 1990’s on, Brisbane’s natural beauty and vibrant cultural scene has made the city a perfect to live, do business and visit.


This makes Brisbane an excellent place to get in on the market while it’s on its first leg. If you are into property management and investing then purchasing inner city property for rental purposes is your booming market. Don’t wait till the tide takes this ship away and don’t wait for the market to fill up and die down.

This cultural trend of people moving to Brisbane live means that you can swoop in and pick up some pretty good deals and make good money on long term rent. The downside to this is that to make a good turn on your investment you also need long term tenants. Getting those takes a fabulous team to manage your property.

Sydney and Melbourne saw the rise and stabilizing of their population growth and business in the late 1980’s. Inevitably, the ensuing market crash soon saw the end of their burgeoning ventures. The frightened locals swiftly began migrating towards Brisbane.


Brisbane was left unharmed by the economic tumult which affected Perth, Geelong and Adelaide. Instead of the boom seen by some cities, Brisbane instead had steady growth; this has been the secret of its success. Since the 1980’s, Brisbane has had continued steady growth and economic development – it is now the city with the highest rate of growth in Australia and is thus the best place in the nation to do business.

It is this inner city growth along with the strong realization for her gorgeous coastlines, which makes Brisbane a true marvel. It is also this steady inner city growth that results from the recent boon of entrepreneurs that makes it the perfect place to invest in rental properties for long term investments.


So why is a property manager a necessity? Hiring a property manager is a solid investment because it is a property manager who can best protect your investments in rental properties. A property manager on your staff means that your property will be maintained by professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in the field – this way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking after the property yourself. A property manager will see to it that the property is kept up to code and will work to retain stable tenants.

These property professionals will take care of essentials like making sure that your properties are fully rented and bringing in the income you need from the property. You need an experienced specialist who can take care of every aspect of maintaining your property.

A mediocre management firm and a great management firm are often hard to tell apart on the surface, especially if you’re new to the game. Therefore, it is wise to shop around before signing on the line. You need a property manager that can communicate effectively, who really listens to what is being said and tries to come up with effective solutions that work for you and your goals, not that just cover the bottom line.

A truly great property manager will make sure that you are aware of all the management options available to you through their firm. You need to know if task and portfolio management will be covered and whether the firm has a proactive or reactive management philosophy.

Ask yourself; will the property managers take the lead in making sure that tenants are not abusing the property? Are tasks split up amongst several people in the firm, or is there a more hands on manager who delegates tasks but heads things up themselves?

Look for experience, knowledge, guaranteed service, effective protocols for property management and good communication skills in a property management company. All of these aspects should be considered before signing anything; also make an instinctive judgment call and trust your gut.


Now is the right time to get in on the Brisbane growth spurt. The urban areas are the perfect place to purchase rental condos and properties for business or residential leasing. The economy is good and has lived through the recent crises that have effectively made a downturn in other locations. Additionally, with proper management handling your property and keeping you up to date, you can be sure your investment will be protected.